About Us

Hi! I am Debby ! First of all thank you for visiting my website!

If you would have told me 3 years ago that by now I would have my own blog and a successful Instagram page, I would have stared at you with the biggest confusion in my eyes.

Cause 3 years ago I didn’t know anything about photography, professional editing, let alone writing code or designing my own website.

I have always loved to travel and even more I LOVE sharing photos. When I was 22 I went on my first backpacking trip. And no I didn’t go for the safe option of simply backpacking through Europe. I immediately went hardcore and went to South East Asia and spent the night in a cave in the middle of the Taman Negara jungle in Malaysia. Go hard or go home, right?! It was during this trip that I realised that the world had so much more to offer and I wanted to see as much as possible!

By now Instagram was growing more and more popular and I was starting to post photos from my travels in cute outfits. These were unedited photos simply taken with my phone. I used to be fascinated by women that had turned their blog into a career but never imagined this was something that I could do as well. I didn’t consider myself special or talented enough.

Now i’m focus on this blog. I want to share all my experiences and beautifull places for photography.